Dr. Nathan Gorham ODDr. Stanley Pugh ODFamily Vision and Contact Lens Center
in Tacoma has provided affordable, quality eye care service in Tacoma's North End for over 40 years.  Our friendly, courteous staff is ready to assist you with all of your eye care needs. 

Conveniently located in Tacoma's North End Proctor District, Family Vision and Contact Lens Center offers personal, family-oriented service, free parking, on-time appointments, and a large selection of economically priced frames and contact lenses.

Doctors Stanley Pugh and Nathan Gorham are optometric physicians; eye doctors who have many years of experience in treating many different kinds of eye problems.

Call: 253-759-5679

Why Choose Family Vision and
Contact Lens Center?
We have been in our Tacoma Proctor District location for over 40 years, providing quality eye care, eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses to our patients.  Our convenient, on-street parking is always available, meaning you are only a few steps away from our door when you arrive.  

We do our utmost to see our patients right at their scheduled appointment time.  We do not double book our appointments, meaning faster eye care service for you.

What Our Patients Are Saying
"I had a wonderful first experience.  I needed glasses for the first time, and the front desk went above and beyond to help me.  The Doctor was very personable and friendly.  Great Office!"

"You are all a great group!  I like the way Dr. Gorham examined both of my kids.  You have a gentle manner with children, and you're very professional.  Thank You!

Affordable Prescription Glasses
and Contact Lenses
Our office features a full line of prescription glasses and designer eyewear give you a complete range of choices at affordable prices.  Our optometric technicians and professional staff will help you choose the right frames for your individual vision needs, and we offer complimentary adjustments for your glasses.

The Family Vision and Contact Lens Center

Family Vision and Contact Lens Center
2514 N. Adams, Tacoma, WA 98406
Phone: 253-759-5679
Fax: 253-759-0785

Office Hours
Mon. - Thurs: 8:30 - 5:30
Friday: 8:30 - 4:00
Closed for lunch on Tuesdays from 12:00 - 1:30

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Vision Affects Your Life
The most important thing you can do to preserve your eyesight is to visit your eye doctor for regular eye exams. Vision profoundly affects your work, living, and health-- 80% of learning is through our eyesight.

We hope you make us a partner in decisions that concern your eye health, contact lenses or eye glasses, and will educate you on all your options and on any eye condition you may have to help you take better care of your vision difficulties. The better informed you are, the easier it is to prevent, manage and solve present and future vision problems.

Designer Glasses and Contact Lenses
We have a complete line of designer eye glasses available in our Tacoma vision clinic, with a wide variety of specialty lenses including Photogray, Transitions, scratch resistant lenses, coated lenses, tinted lenses, and including the following popular brands of designer glasses:

  • Columbia Sportswear
  • Juicy Couture
  • Carerra
  • Perry Ellis
  • L'Amy
  • Jill Stewart
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Ted Baker
  • LuLu Guinness
  • Marchon
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Manhattan
    Magnetic Clip-ons
  • Tura
  • Safilo
  • Nike Sunwear


We also offer comprehensive contact lens services, including many specialty contact lens solutions:
  • Colored Contact Lenses
  • Bifocal Contact Lenses
  • Rigid Contact Lenses
  • Soft Contact Lenses
  • Astigmatism Correction Contact Lenses
  • Permeable Contact Lenses
  • Daily Wear Contact Lenses
  • Hard-to-fit Contact Lenses

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Family Vision and Contact Lens Center - Dr. Stanley W. Pugh and Dr. Nathan W. Gorham
Family Vision and Contact Lens Center
Dr. Stanley W. Pugh, OD
Dr. Nathan W. Gorham, OD

2514 North Adams
Tacoma, WA   98406
253-759-5679 - Voice
253-759-0785 - FAX

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